Starting Vauxhall Viva HC 1 3 After 20 Years

The Vauxhall Viva was a small family car produced by Vauxhall in a succession of three versions between 1963 and 1979. These were designated as the HA, HB and HC series.

Starting Vauxhall Viva HC 1 3 After 20 Years

The Viva was introduced a year after Vauxhall’s fellow GM company Opel launched the Opel Kadett A. Both cars were a result of the same General Motors project and share the same floorpan and engine constructions, but with one main difference being the use of metric measurements for the Opel and imperial ones for the Vauxhall. They are also visually similar, however few components are interchangeable and the cars are thus not “sister models” or versions of one another. A van version was also produced, as the Bedford HA. In the UK the Viva’s principal competitors at the time of its launch included the well-established Ford Anglia and Morris Minor.

Vauxhall Viva 1972 1800 Estate. The Viva HC estate was even more stylish than the outgoing Viva HB estate and was often specified with the larger engines. From 1973 it was sold as the Magnum 1800 or 2300 as well as the Viva 1300.

The third generation HC series was the last solely Vauxhall designed passenger car when it ceased production in 1979, since all future Vauxhalls would be badge engineered Opel models.

The Viva nameplate was re-introduced on the Opel Karl (a rebadged GM Korea product) in 2015 but was discontinued again during 2019.